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Last of the Winter Layers!

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Hello loves! I'm back and ready for some action. Since the weather here in NYC is starting to warm up (finally), I am saying buh-bye to winter with this post. What better way to end the winter layers than with a classic monochrome look? Plus you can get this exact wrap right now for under $20! Check out the full outfit below!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my potato sack chic look! Stay tuned for next week's post. Hint: We'll be transitioning from Winter to Spring (sort of)!

Sky High

Hello loves! So this won't be a typical post about what I wore, but instead, it's about what I did! Recently I purchased a Groupon deal with Positive Rate Gear Up in Long Island. Now the people who do know me know that I am absolutely terrified of heights, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone to celebrate my best friend Maryanne's birthday because it's only right!

I purchased a three person package that includes video footage. We flew with Edwards (I believe is his name) and I have to admit that he was great! He went out of his way to take pictures for us (and believe me when I say there were MANY photos), encourage us to try doing different things as the pilot, and even wrote down instructions for me when I couldn't remember the messages going out. Be warned though, there is a $20 surcharge per person for fuel. Overall, I would definitely recommend this either for yourself or if you really want to add a wow factor in someone's life. Check out some pho…

Tuesday Shoesday: Black on Black on Black

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and may result in the compensation of the blogger upon viewer's purchase(s).
Hello loves! This post is all about transitioning between day and night with a simple change in shoes (and maybe in makeup as well if that's your forte - unfortunately it's not mine). On days when I just have no idea what to wear, black on black never fails me. That same belief applies for going out at night as well. There's just something about an all black outfit that looks effortless and chic. Check out both looks below!


What is your go-to color combo? Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for next week's post! Hint: We're going sky high!

Smoldering Shoulders

Happy almost Friday! Today's look is all about showing off some shoulder. I've always loved the off-the-shoulder trend but have always been a bit hesitant to try it out simply because it's not a typical thing for me to show off. When I saw this H&M sweater on sale for under $15, I figured that if I don't go for it now, I never will. While this isn't exactly something I'd wear to work with my three-year-olds, it is definitely something I'd wear for a casual night out. I purchased this sweater in a size XS and love the oversized fit of it - granted that may be because I'm so petite - but it gives a homeyness to the sweater that is much more comforting than the look of a fitted jumper. Check out the full look below!

What do you think of the off-the-shoulder trend? Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for next week's post. Hint: We're going from day to night in this next one!