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Fancy Schmancy: Culottes x Chunky Heels

Hello there my dedicated fashionistas! I'll admit it, I have been absolutely awful at keeping up with Small Steps ever since summer hit - but now I'm back and ready for action! In honor of New York Fashion Week, I've decided to share a fancy outfit that I wore recently while on vacation to Turks and Caicos. This outfit has been sitting in my closet for months waiting for the perfect occasion and I suppose I finally found one. Check out the outfit details below!

While I absolutely love Missguided clothing, these pants did need some alterations. They are a US 2 (as well as the bodysuit), but I needed to slim down the hips and hem them up by approximately an inch. Though in hindsight, I do wish I hemmed them up just a tad more as they are sitting a bit awkwardly closer to my ankle than to the mid-shin area. The shoes, however, are one of my absolutely favorites. They are a size 6 and fit perfectly so in my opinion, they do run just a half size smaller. There is a scallop det…