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One Bomber, Three Ways: Neutrals

Am I the only person that is low-key terrified of wearing white bottoms in public but also high-key in love with them? I sure hope not. For the final installment of One Bomber, Three Ways, I'm getting even more minimalistic with a neutral color palette. I bet you didn't think I could get any simpler, huh?

I've never believed in that saying, "You can't wear white after Labor Day" - partially because I'm not 100% sure how it became an unwritten fashion rule to begin with. So let's just break the rules all the time! (At least when it comes to this, that is.) Check out this rule-breaking look below and find out where I got these perfect white jeans.

Now that the One Bomber, Three Ways series is over, I hope I've convinced you to invest in one of your own. Come back Tuesday to see how I got ready for a fall wedding. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

*Photography by Rasha Awwad*

One Bomber, Three Ways: Unconventional Colors

I'll admit it, I'll admit it. I am obsessed with chokers and I'll get them any way I can have them. Hence why I absolutely needed to have some kind of choker in this outfit pairing. Next up in the One Bomber, Three Ways series is this must-have choker top with a pretty interesting color combination. I've also linked some other faux choker tops of varying sleeve lengths and styles for your year-round choker-obsessed wardrobe. Now let's get back to the point.

What I love about this bomber is that it is a beautiful neutral mauve, but the mixed fabrics give it a great wow-factor that makes it just perfect to pair with this emerald green skirt. Talk about an unconventional fall palette. Check out the full outfit details below.

If you didn't already notice, I am anxiously waiting for the warmer weather to come back - but no worries! I promise to dress a little bit warmer for the next installment. Stay tuned for Thursday's final One Bomber, Three Ways feature whe…

One Bomber, Three Ways: Slouch Away

I'm not a pilot, but flight jackets - or bombers - have definitely been my go-to piece of outerwear all year. Though I do admit that every now and then I want to cave and buy a classic olive green bomber (because green is my favorite color), I hope this One Bomber, Three Ways series gives you that final nudge into trying something a little more unconventional.

I want to focus this first installment on boyfriend jeans for petite frames - and how sometimes an overly baggy look isn't all that shabby if you pair it with just the right pieces. Since the bomber and the jeans are a loose fit, throw on a fitted top to balance it out. I opted for a plain white turtleneck because why not? I did warn you that I am minimalistic.

The bottoms I have on are from Mavi Jeans 'Emma' collection and are a size 25P. I did have to alter the length because even with the petite sizing, they were just a tad too long. However because you'll most likely end up cuffing your boyfriend jeans, …

Olive x Stans

Am I the only person that struggles with this transitional weather? In the mornings I want to wear a scarf and glove set but by the middle of the day, I want to be in shorts and a tank top. Do you start to wonder, "Am I having hot flashes?" I do - and this outfit is the best solution for those kinds of up-and-down days.

Nothing screams, "Hey, it's Fall!" more than the color olive. I'm minimalistic - sometimes to a fault - so I threw on my trusty Stans and a denim jacket to bear through the brisk mornings. Luckily I was able to purchase the Stan Smiths in a boy's size 3.5 (for reference, I typically wear a 5.5 in women's shoes). This outfit will surely help you give a nod to summer and cope with the sad fact that it's going to be freezing soon. Check out the full outfit details below and some great options for a classic fit jean jacket.

Check back on Thursday for the first installment of One Bomber, Three Ways - where I'll be styling one of …

Turkoise and Caicos

It's already half way through October and I've had the worst time coming down from this vacation high. Let me just say that when you end your summer with a trip to Turks and Caicos, you'll never want it to end. Honestly, I never even wanted to come back! For Labor Day Weekend 2016, I took a short three day, two night trip with my best friend, Maryanne, and two amazing ladies that I've had the pleasure of knowing for quite some time now. We were fortunate enough to stay at the beyond beautiful Seven Stars Resort right on the island of Providenciales. Right behind the resort is Grace Bay Beach, and wowza! I can't even begin to describe how captivating the view is. I'll let the pictures tell you for themselves.

Since it was such a short trip (sadly), we all decided that we'd lay low and spend our days under the sun. However the Seven Stars is such an amazing resort that it does provide free paddle boarding, kayaking, and sailing (if you already know how). Fro…