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Sweater Weather: Sweatshirts x Burgundy

I really cannot stand the cold, but the one thing that I do love about this kind of weather is that I can wear sweaters all the time. This next mini-series gives a nod to sweatshirts in particular. Are you ready to get bundled up with me?

This sweatshirt jacket is an absolute must have. Dress it up or down, but make sure you actually get it. It's stylish, it's warm, and best of all, it's cozy! Check out the outfit details below.

If you're ready for some more sweatshirt action, come back on Thursday to see what's next in this mini-series!

*Photography by Rasha Awwad*

Fall Pantones: Rose Quartz x Fig

Is there anything more classic fall than this deep berry color? Most may know it as a shade of burgundy, but the Pantone Color Institute calls it Fig. Think Fig Newton filling.

But let's get back to the point. The final installment of Fall Pantones features Rose Quartz, Fig, and a wrap dress. Check out the outfit details below.

I hope I've inspired you to bring out those classic fall colors. If not, come back on Monday for the next mini-series featuring sweatshirts!
*Photography by Rasha Awwad*

Fall Pantones: Potter's Clay x Chambray

Up next in the Fall Pantones series is Potter's Clay - which may be more easily envisioned as a rust or burnt orange kind of color. I do admit that, at first glance, this may be a difficult color to wear for some. It isn't exactly neutral and it can definitely clash with some other colors; but don't fret! Just remember that chambray can act as a color too!

Sticking to my mantra of simplicity, I didn't do much with this outfit except throw a couple of pieces together. However if you're looking to rock Potter's Clay this season, you can easily pair it with navy, shades of grey, eggplant, nudes, or good ol' black. Check out the full outfit details below!

Have I convinced you yet? If not, come back on Friday to see the last installment of Fall Pantones.

*Photography by Darryl Allen*

Fall Pantones: Spicy Mustard x Warm Taupe

When I hear the word Fall (as in the season, not the action), there are some themes that automatically come to mind - classic fall colors being one of them. It just so happens that the Pantone Color Institute declared some of these colors as a few of this season's most popular. In this next series, I'll be featuring combinations of these timeless colors.

First up is Spicy Mustard and Warm Taupe.

If Fall is your thing, come back on Monday for the next installment and see how I style a wrap skirt.

*Photography by Darryl Allen*

A-Line? More Like A+Line

Every time I try to think of a clever title for my posts, I fail miserably. So let's pretend that this title is super punny and hilarious. Or maybe I can just hire someone to title my posts for me. However since it seems like neither of the above will happen any time soon, let's get back to the point.

I have this obsession with A-line skirts so I'm just here to show off one of my favorites. It's suede, it has mini scallops on a scallop hem, and it's designed with floral laser cut! I don't think it could get any better than this. Don't worry though. I didn't just come to brag. I've also linked some great A-line skirts for this fall. Check them out below!

As the holidays start to roll around, stay tuned as I bring out the classic fall palettes just in time for Thanksgiving.


Navy x Black

Ever had one of those days where you just have no idea what to wear? You rummage through your dressers and wardrobes three times each trying to find something new, something different, something wow - just to end up deciding on an all black outfit? Don't worry, I've been there at least twice already this week. Next time you're in a mood, be confident in your all black by mixing in one differently colored piece as your wow-factor. Whether it's a statement necklace, a fun bag, or in my case, a boyfriend blazer, I know we can overcome these "I don't know what to wear" moods together.

I never understood why some people say never to wear navy with black. Regardless, it is one of my most loved combos during the fall and winter. I stayed true with the all black theme and topped it off with a navy boyfriend blazer and these delicious gunmetal flats. The key to matching here is to disregard the entire outfit and worry only about your color pieces. Check out the o…

Oversized Denim x Black

Every now and then I have an edgy side. Today is one of those days.

I hope I've inspired you to be a little bit bolder or more daring today. Come back Thursday to see how I add a little bit of "Ouu" on an all black outfit.

*Photography by Oku Okoko (@aperturebyo)*