Happiness: I'm Living the Teacher Dream

I can't believe that it's already been two years since I finished grad school. This won't be the usual "Where did I get this outfit from?" post. Instead I want to share with you how I decided on this career despite some roadblocks.

All through college I didn't really have much of an idea of what I wanted to do. I switched between a bunch of majors and career tracks. From studying to be a pediatrician to finally being a linguist, I would say that it was quite an unsettling change for my family. What made it even more difficult was that I had no idea what to do after college. There were concerns of whether I could even find a job in my field or not, if it was a well-paying track, and if there was enough of a demand for another one of me. One day it finally hit me - I'd been working with children in some aspect for my entire life. Between volunteering in youth groups, mentoring, tutoring, and even teaching, I realized this is where I belong. The best part is that I would be able to combine several of my passions into the career of my dreams.

Fast forward to now. After a grueling year and a half self-accelerated master's program right out of college, I am now a dually certified teacher in Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education. I conquered working and student teaching full time, overloading on night classes every semester, a crazy and super expensive certification process, and edTPA! This post is a reminder that I have gone on to do something that unfortunately, not a lot of people have mastered even into the later years of their life. I have found true happiness in my career. It isn't just work, it's life-changing. I am grateful for my education both at the University of Rochester and at Teachers College for preparing me in the ways that they did. I don't mean solely academically, but rather mentally and emotionally. They taught me how to adult. As a result, I have been able to use my love of languages and my knowledge of the human brain to apply it into what I do everyday by working as a Special Education teacher.

Top: Columbia Barnes & Noble | Bottoms: American Eagle | Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith (children's, women's)
This is one of my big steps towards happiness. It was a long and difficult journey, but there's not a single day that I regret any choice that led up to this. Take a look at where you are in your life now. Are you happy? If not, do something about it. It's never too late, I promise.

*Photography by Rasha Awwad*


  1. Your an inspiration! I say this as a reader and a friend! Super proud of all of your accomplishments! You push me everyday to continue to better myself and to continue chasing my dreams!

    Love you <3


    PS. Boyfriend ripped jeans! I want!!


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